The falcon’s last һᴜпt! The аmаzіпɡ moment when a hawk hunts but ends up becoming a water python’s lunch waiting to be devoured

Incredible footage shows the moment a bird was eaten whole by a python lurking in the water below.

The video shows the sparrowhawk approaching a stream while looking for prey at Watarrka National Park, in the Northern Territory, before the snake appears from underneath.

Having been unsuccessful in its hunt, the bird moves to fly away – but ends becoming another creature’s lunch instead.

Footage shows the bird looking into the water in a state of alarm, as it sees the deadly predator lurking under the surface

The bird was photographed about to take flight just moments before it was eaten

The bird barely makes it off the ground before the serpent has sprung out the water, capturing it

Noticing the snake too late, the bird barely makes it off the ground before the serpent springs out of the water and captures it.

They roll around in the water as the sparrowhawk struggles for its life.

The final snaps show the triumphant predator wrapped around the sparrowhawk, constricting it. The alarmed bird’s eyes are still wide open.

Finally,  the bird appears lifeless in the grip of the deadly python.

The clever camera trap was created in a collaboration between Professor Jenny Davis, Co-Director, Research Institute for Environment and Livelihoods, Charles Darwin University, Watarrka Rangers and Watarrka Aboriginal Owners.

The animals are captured flipping around in the water- the bird struggling for its life

Still alive! The python wraps around its pray, constricting the sparrowhawk

The final image shows the lifeless bird constricted by the python