“The Marvelous City of сoɩoѕѕᴜѕ: A Giant Monument with the рoweг to Rewrite History”

In the Harlaa region of eastern Ethiopia, archaeologists from the University of Exeter and the Ethiopian Authority for Research and Protection of the Cultural Heritage have revealed the ancient ‘City of Giants,’ founded in the 10th century BCE.

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Throughout human history, folklore and mythology have depicted huge cities constructed and inhabited by giants. Many megalithic structures from diverse historical eras and the traditions of several communities separated by oceans significantly indicate their existence.

It actually occurred in this Ethiopian region. It is widely believed that the Harlaa site was formerly home to a renowned City of Giants according to the accounts of its current occupants, who describe enormous structures made of enormous blocks that surrounded the location.

The mythical lost city of Harlaa

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Treasures unearthed in distant locales such as Egypt, India, and China amazed archaeologists, indicating the region’s commercial might. Researchers also uncovered a 12th-century mosque comparable to those in Tanzania, as well as an independent region of Somaliland, a de facto sovereign state not recognized by the United Nations. Many of these indicate a potential connection between various Islamic factions in Africa at that time.

In terms of archaeology, a professor from the University of Exeter acknowledges that the findings have had a considerable influence on the public’s understanding of economic activity in the long-abandoned region of Ethiopia. Its prominence is increased by the fact that it was a well-known regional trade hub.