“Twisted-fасed Dog’s іпсгedіЬɩe Journey: defуіпɡ Euthanasia and Finding Hope in a Second Chance”

From being a dog with a twisted face that no one wanted and was almost euthanized, its life changed when someone saw its cuteness. How cute is it? Let’s take a look for ourselves!

Picasso is a dog with a twisted face, and Pablo is his blood-related older brother. Both dogs were abandoned and scheduled to be euthanized at the animal shelter they were living in. Fortunately, the organization that helps non-profit animals found them and saved both of their lives. Before finding their new homes, they were able to meet with warm and loving families.

According to the report, Picasso is a dog that was born in an illegal puppy farm, which breeds dogs for commercial purposes. Picasso was the only dog in the litter that couldn’t be sold and was left behind. As for Pablo, it was already purchased by its owner, but the owner changed their mind and didn’t want to keep the dog anymore. Finally, it was sent to an animal shelter until it met its blood-related sibling, Picasso.


Thanks to an animal rescue organization for saving the two puppies. And thank you to the new owner for adopting the dog too. It’s a very satisfying story.