Watching this heroic dog protect his badly injured best friend from trains for two days will break your heart

Heartwarming footage shows just why dogs are man’s best friend as the loyal pooch protects his mate after she is seriously injured

THE heartwarming story of a faithful dog who saved the life of his friend as she lay too injured to move on train tracks has been captured on video.

The terrified dog faced certain death, stranded for two days on the tracks as trains zoomed over her.

The pair can be seen huddling together and staying very still as the train thunders over their bodies

But thanks to her loving companion Panda protecting her until help arrived, the pooch Lucy miraculously survived the ordeal.

Lucy was too injured to move from the tracks in Ukraine, but Panda kept her alive by curling up next to her and pushing her head down when trains zoomed over.

If locals in Uzhgorod came too close, then Panda barked to scare them away.The pair were discovered by Denis Malafeyev, who shared a spine-tingling video of the dogs ducking as a train sped over their heads.

The loved-up pups were eventually rescued and continue to snuggle together in the car boot on the way to the vets.

Mr Malafeyev said it was unclear how Lucy was injured and she may have been hit by a train crossing the track.

He said: “It’s such a touching story. I got a phone call from a friend who said that there were two dogs lying on the railway track near Tseglovka village for two days.”When we arrived, it turned out that one of the dogs, the female, was injured and couldn’t move.”But the male dog was protecting her from us. I saw a train approaching – and felt sick.

The pair are now safe and sound after their two-day ordeal and their owners have been trackedCredit: Facebook

“The male dog heard the sound of the approaching train, came close to the female dog and laid down next to her.”Both of them pushed their heads towards the ground, and let the train pass.”The male dog was doing this for two days in a row. Think about it. He was keeping her warm.”I don’t know what to call this: instinct, love, friendship, loyalty?

“One thing I know for sure, not all the people would do the same as this.”

Mr Malafeyev said the dogs were now “safe and sound” after their terrifying ordeal, and Lucy had no fractures but severe bruising.

It comes just a few weeks after firefighters launched a nine-hour rescue mission to save a dog trapped in tunnel 15ft underground in Dorset.

Panda and Lucy’s owners were tracked down and the pair were returned to them.The video – which has gone viral – confirms just why dogs are a man’s best friend.