12,000-Year-Old Intact Anunnaki Was Recently Discovered in Ancient Tomb in Iran

After studying the ancient Sumerian tablets for a long time now we’ve uncovered the true belief system that they adhered to. According to these ancient tablets, the Sumerians believed that a race of gigantic creatures known as the Anunnaki came from outer space to our planet

hundreds of thousands of years ago in order to mine our planet dry of minerals and specifically of gold.

They didn’t want to do the work themselves so they created us by binding their own DNA with the DNA of our prehistoric ancestors. We were the perfect laborers for them until they decided they’ve had enough and that they no longer wanted to deal with the harsh conditions on our planet.

Despite the fact that the ancient tablets state this quite clearly, we haven’t really discovered any other proof of them outside of little trinkets and artifacts here and there, until today.

Yes, you read that right, what appears to be a 12,000-year-old Anunnaki grave was recently discovered in Iran. After a lot of time spent analyzing it, the team eventually concluded that the grave is legit and that there is no question about it, it is the burial site for an Anunnaki.

Deciphering the truth behind this appears to be the only way to find out our true genesis after all this time. What secrets will we discover here and what answers will we actually receive? Only time will tell.

Even the Rally President told everybody that was willing to listen that this discovery might finally explain to us how we came to be and what the concept of God really means for us.

I shouldn’t say this, if I want to be seen as a normal person, but to me this Anunnaki looks like he is sleeping in stasis.