2 dogs fell into a well with a cobra – the snake’s unexpected reaction made viewers unable to believe it

Once in a while some incidents happen that make everybody go crazy. This one is one such incident. These couple of puppies fell into a pit that had cobra in it. What happened next shook the entire internet!

The Incident

This incident took place in Punjab, India. 2 puppies were strolling around when they suddenly fell into a pit. Luckily, after falling down, they didn’t get hurt. But having said that, they were petrified. The reason behind their fear? A very scary reason to be honest.

King Cobra!

The pit was very deep, and they couldn’t get out on their own. They both got petrified because they were not the only ones in the pit. There was somebody else as well. That somebody else was a King Cobra! Any living organism in the world would get scared in this situation!


Now after listening this much, most of us would have assumed that cobra would end the lives of both these puppies! But no, that is not what happened. The snake didn’t threaten them in any way. On the contrary, it seemed to be protecting them from the dangerous sides of the well, which were saturated with water.

All Ended Well!

In the end, the puppies spent a total of 48 hours in the pit with the snake. When help finally arrived from the authorities, the cobra crawled to the other side of the well out of the way and let them help the puppies. The puppies were not injured at all, whilst the snake was taken to the woods and released safely as well. But the way snake behaved is what made the difference. This entire thing went viral on online and people were amazed with how snake reacted in this story!