27 million viewers were terrified as they watched the moment ‘black aliens’ appeared on the beach

When it comes to the concept of aliens, most of us will immediately imagine people with strange shapes, different skin colors and somewhat scary as they are depicted in fantasy movies.

Therefore, when normal people see objects with strange shapes, they will often immediately think of aliens or objects in space. Recently, a foreign netizen shared a video of him encountering a scary “black alien” lying motionless while walking on the beach.

The “strange creature” is said to have accidentally washed ashore

According to the video recorded by this person, when filmed from a distance, it can be seen that this “black alien” has a strange appearance, covered in black and has a texture similar to the symbiote creature in the movie. “Venom” is a Hollywood hit. It is said to be sitting motionless with its hands resting on the sand shelf and its lower body dragging on the ground, looking for something.

The moment of getting close to this strange creature makes many people nervous

However, when the camera actually moved forward, this “black alien” suddenly fell to the ground. When the camera was clear, everyone suddenly realized that it was actually just a dog that had been playing with him. The water drenched my whole body.

According to the netizen who took the photo, this cute dog’s name is Lolita. Because of its long fur, it went to the beach to play in the water that day, creating the above mentioned image that is both scary and humorous.

The truth about the image is surprising

As soon as it was posted, this video spread at breakneck speed on the TikTok platform and received 27 million likes. In the comments section of the post, everyone was amazed at the scary appearance and surprising truth about this creature.

“I thought it was a cursed mermaid”.

“I was extremely scared until I realized it was just a dog”.

“I thought it was some supernatural force”.

“I was afraid of losing my soul when I saw that thing moving”.