5 Famous Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and What Made Them Special in the First Place

Djoser, the official ruler of the Third Dynasty of Pharaohs which reigned from 2686 BC to 2649 BC was definitely an odd one as he is commonly referred to as one of the smartest rulers that ever lived in Egypt, to begin with.

We know practically nothing of how he was raised or what he was like, but we do know that he actively engaged himself into the construction of the massive Saqqara pyramid which is where he was also buried later on.

Thutmose III, also known as the military pharaoh, was the ruler of Egypt from 1458 BC to 1425 BC. Throughout his active time, unlike most of the other rulers, he was more obsessed with military training than he was with actually leading the people.

It became so hilariously strange that his step-mother had ended up ruling over Egypt until she died in 1458 and he was forced to take over. He spent most of his time conquering his enemies and he was never openly defeated in a battle in his life. We cannot possibly talk about famous pharaohs without mentioning Tutankhamun himself. He is famous for having been a pharaoh despite being only nine to ten years of age. Because of this he often became known as “King Tut” and despite the fact that he didn’t actually rule for all that long (1332 – 1323 BC) he still became one of the most popular pharaohs of all time.

Ramses II on the other hand was by far the most successful pharaoh in all of Egyptian history as a whole. He believed himself to be a God, and throughout his lifetime he conquered many of the neighboring civilizations, ruling for a total of 67 years from 1279 BC to 1213 BC.

Last but not least we have Cleopatra VII herself, the last ruler of Egypt, as she ruled from 51 BC to 30 BC. She is said to have had relationships with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, to the point where plays had been written about it on multiple occasions.