5,000-year-old Mummies Of Aliens Found In Egyptian Pyramids

The mysterious pyramid work in Egypt is even more mysterious with unexpected discoveries.

Archaeologists shocked the world when they discovered an alien mummy in a small pyramid next to the pyramid of Sinusert II.

Egypt hid alien mummies in the great pyramids of Giza Illustration. Photo source: vtc.vn

Ancient Egypt has buried many secrets in its long history, and some histories have become difficult to verify over time. As one of the four ancient civilizations, although it has many cultural values that are difficult to decipher, it still has great research value.

Egypt with ancient civilization is always a place that everyone aspires to, the Egyptian pyramids are the holy places that arouse everyone’s curiosity. Earlier, archaeologists shocked the world when they discovered a non-human mummy in a small pyramid next to the pyramid of Sinusert II.

So is this well-crafted and well-preserved mysterious creature an alien mummy?

Is there a connection between ancient Egypt and aliens?

Alien mummies found in Egyptian pyramids. – Image source: Soundofhope.org

According to foreign press, a mummy suspected of aliens was found in a pyramid in Egypt, this mummy has hair and reptilian features and is about 150-160 cm tall.

As soon as this news broke, it was quickly denied and blocked by the Egyptian government. Later, a person from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities provided detailed information and photos of the mummy, and provided documents confirming that the mummy of the suspected alien had human-like features. more than 2,000 years old.

The alien body was discovered by Dr. Viktor Lubek, a Czechoslovakian professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Archaeologists surveyed the pyramid of Sinusert II near Lahun and discovered that the room was hidden in a small pyramid to the south, where the Pharaoh’s queen was buried.

This mummy is well buried, and has a lot of special belongings. – Image source: Soundofhope.org

The remains of the tomb are covered with a mixture of gold and clay, with linen-like features and even skin covering the creature. The data showed that the mummy had distinct reptilian features, such as its overly large and oval eyes.

Archaeologists say the inscription on the mummy indicates that the owner was an advisor named Osirunet, which means “star” or “messenger in the sky”. This mummy is well buried and has a lot of special belongings that even the manager of the archeology museum can’t identify, no one can identify the ancient synthetic preservative in this mummy. mausoleum, which has never been found in other Egyptian tombs. So the importance of this discovery for archeology today is obvious.

An unnamed source revealed that, from an ancient book inscribed in hieroglyphics found in the tower, it is known that about 5,000 years ago, an unidentified object known as a “flying chariot”. ‘ crashed into the vicinity of Cairo and there was one survivor.

The documents say that the “survivor” was the designer, so archaeologists believe aliens were likely the builders of the pyramids. The Egyptian government has reached out to many senior archaeologists for help, but no one has been able to explain the find with common sense, but every expert who has seen the mummy agrees that it is not a creature on Earth.

The unnamed source believes that one possible explanation is that this is an alien who was once an advisor to the king of Egypt. But every official in the government rejects the idea that ancient Egypt’s extraordinary civilization was supported by aliens.

Finally, experts point out that although there is not enough evidence to prove that the mummies discovered so far came from outer space, this discovery gives us great hope for the future. its impact on historical development.