“A Boy’s Best Friend: Heartwarming Moments of Big Dogs Treating Kids Like Their Own Puppies”

Dogs are often known as ‘man’s best friend’ and in this adorable collection of photographs of dogs and small children; they could also be considered ‘little man’s best protector.’

Even though large dogs may seem intimidating when first meets the eye, some breeds of dogs are great caretakers and often look after young children as if it were their own pups.

Boredpanda.com writes that raising kids with dogs teaches them compassion, confidence, and responsibility and can even keep them in good physical health.

Even though in some of the photographs the babies are almost as small as the dog’s paw, the love between child and canine is momentous.

Whether it’s sleeping together, kissing nose to nuzzle, or taking a little stroll, when kids and dogs are side by side, they’re never bored and always cute.

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Doggone cute: This large dog sleeps right next to this baby to make sure she’s safe during her slumber

All mine: This sweet dog is holding this baby as though it were its own kin

This way: Dogs can be great teachers, especially when they show kids how to open their mouths during meal time

Santa’s little helper: They may seem like an unlikely pair but this small baby and this large dog are perfectly happy to celebrate Christmas together

Love at first sight: The deep connection between human beings and dogs is one of life’s beautiful mysteries

All bundled up: this dog and child walk side by side on a chilly autumn evening and while one needs a hood, the other has plenty of fur to stay warm


He ‘nose’ the way: taking a walk in the forest is best done by inviting a dog with a nose for direction

Nap time: Nothing makes a nap more perfect than having a big fluffy fur ball as a pillow

Look who’s walking now: In this cute photo it’s hard to tell if this baby is walking a dog or the other way around

Family: This dog and baby sleep with one another as if they were parent and child

Cheek grabbing: Grandmas aren’t the only ones who grab cute pets or children’s faces

Friends for life: Life’s long journey is best accompanied by a best friend

Security dog: There’s no way this big dog is letting anyone or anything harm this adorable little baby

Playtime: it just goes to show that when it comes to friendship, neither species nor size matterz