“A Heartwarming Addition: Houston’s Family Expands with the Arrival of a Charming Baby Elephant”

The Houston Zoo recently celebrated the arrival of a delightful baby elephant weighing an impressive 284 pounds.

This adorable female calf was born on a Wednesday, and both mother and baby are doing well, as reported by the zoo.

The 10-year-old first-time mother, Tupelo, has taken to motherhood naturally. She is privately bonding with her baby girl at the McNair Asian Elephant Habitat.

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Source: Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo

The newborn Asian elephant began nursing just hours after her birth and will continue to be closely observed in the coming days.

Lisa Marie Avendano, the vice president of animal operations at the Houston Zoo, expressed the animal team’s excitement over the smooth birth. Once chosen, the calf’s name will be announced on the zoo’s social media pages.

The public will have the chance to meet the baby elephant when the timing is deemed appropriate. Tupelo became pregnant through artificial insemination, as she is related to all the male elephants at the zoo. Additionally, Tupelo’s mother, Tess, is expected to give birth soon, her fourth calf.


Source: Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo has experienced a baby boom within its herd of 12 elephants, with a baby named Nelson arriving less than a year ago.

A portion of each admission and membership fee at the Houston Zoo goes towards protecting wild elephants in Asia. Their Malaysian conservation team is safeguarding three groups of wild elephants with babies in Borneo.

Source: Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo

Source: Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo