A heartwarming adoption: A tearful grieving dog finds comfort in his new mother’s arms

There are some dogs whose stories make you cry your soul out, and Tyson is definitely one of them!

When I first heard this sturdy, senior boi’s story, I couldn’t gather my thoughts for hours. This New York City boi was found in an apartment next to his deceased owner, and, according to his rescuers – he was there for about five days.

All I could think about was how he was doing. Was he afraid? How long was it until he realized that he was all alone in this world now?

Tyson had no clear idea what was going on, but he definitely sensed that something was not right. And, when the time finally came for this boi to come out and leave his home, his heart broke into a million pieces…

Tyson’s Devastating Backstory

Tyson was definitely one of the most devastated, heartbroken doggos I have ever seen. When the good people of Twenty Paws Rescue, from Brooklyn, New York, arrived at the spot to pick him up, he literally crawled into his crate and refused to go out.

He was so scared and felt so alone that he didn’t have enough strength to get out. But, these long-time rescuers knew that there’s only one thing that heals a broken heart – time!

They waited long enough for Tyson to realize that they wouldn’t hurt him. Eventually, he let them take him out of his long-time home.

It must’ve been really hard watching his owner pass away, as Tyson was really struggling. He was diagnosed with anemia and, sadly, a broken heart. He refused to eat or hang out with other dogs, and he stayed in his crate the entire time.

This heartbroken dog needed someone to understand his pain, and that someone was Laura!

Learning How To Love Again

The TPR team found the perfect foster mom for Tyson! Laura, a long-time volunteer and major dog lover, did everything in her power to make this big boi feel at peace. And, after a few days, it seemed that she had made huge progress!

With her gentle approach and just the right amount of love and patience, Tyson started eating properly. He even gave his new momma the gentlest kisses, and cuddled almost around the clock.

After a while, Tyson started going out and playing with other doggos. Little by little, this senior canine came out of his shell, indicating that he was finally ready to put trust into another hooman.

Sarah’s The One

The TPR team tried to reach out to Tyson’s owner’s family, but no one seemed to be able to adopt this beautiful boi.

But then, a woman named Sarah showed up! This kind-hearted animal enthusiast reached out to TPR and offered to provide Tyson with a forever home, and that turned out to be the greatest idea ever!

From the moment she stepped foot into the facility, Tyson immediately fell in love with her!

“He’s just been through so much, and you always hope that things go well for them. But when they initially hit it off like this, it’s just a beautiful feeling,” says Rachel, one of the volunteers.

He literally melted into Sarah’s arms and welcomed her with his paws and heart wide open!

“I will totally miss him. It’s so sweet though. It just makes me really happy to see him happy,” says Laura.

Seeing Tyson finding “the one” after so much pain was very emotional and tear-jerking. Rachel and Laura were crying tears of joy, so happy to be able to see this amazing dog find his forever home.

“I’m excited to welcome him into my life and just watch him get more comfortable and realize that, you know, this is my final stop. This is where I live now, and this is home,” says Sarah.

After all this time, Tyson has finally picked up where he left off and embarked on a wonderful journey with his new momma.