A lone Buffalo outruns a herd of lions and survives an attack by the herd by using a river full of crocodiles to his advantage.

A lone Buffalo outsmarts lions and survives an attack from the whole pride by using a crocodile infested river to his advantage.

A lone Buffalo outsmarts lions and survives an attack from the whole pride by using a crocodile infested river to his advantage.

Antoni Britz manager at manager at Elephant Walk Retreat captured this incredible scene and shared it with LatestSightings.com.

“Elephant Walk Retreat situated 50 m from the Crocodile Bridge entrance to the Kruger National Park offers self-catering accommodation with views overlooking the Crocodile River. On this particular day one of our staff members, Sipho, who was working in unit 8, spotted lions from the deck and came to call me.”

“There was also a lone buffalo who had come down for a drink at the river. The lions began stalking him, but luckily for the buffalo, he saw them, and charged. It was the Vurhami Pride, and they have quite a few sub-adults in the pride, who are quite inexperienced, they seemed nervous of the buffalo and didn’t want to take him on properly. They kept their distance, but didn’t give up.”

Young lions learn confidence in hunting from observing and imitating the seasoned hunters in their pride. They acquire vital skills such as stalking silently through tall grass, strategic group ambushes, and precise timing. This all enables lions to develop the ability in analyzing and adapting to different prey behaviors.

“The buffalo ran into the river, in hopes of escaping the lions. At this point the lions were left a little confused and conflicted regarding what to do next. The buffalo realized that he wasn’t going to survive if he just stood in the crocodile infested water, so he crossed over to our side of the river.”

“The lions accepted their defeat and began to drink water. You could almost see the relief on the old buffaloes face as the lions left the riverbed one by one. Perhaps they too didn’t feel brave enough to cross crocodile infested water just to get some food.”

“We are lucky to have great sightings at Elephant Walk Retreat and often see lion here. Since I’ve worked here (2017) we have seen quite a few hunts and kills, but the Vurhami Pride hasn’t visited in a while. I am delighted to have seen them here again. Hoping they’ll visit more now that we are going into our dry season, and we’ll have more game coming to the river to drink.”

This is the nail-biting moment a herd of buffalo saved one of their own from being attacked by a pride of lions and a crocodile.

The attempted attack happened at Transport Dam in Kruger National Park in South Africa – where ten years ago a similar battle took place between the three different species.

Lions were forced to abandon their hunt of a young calf when a huge herd of buffalo stormed over to protect one of its youngest members.

A pride of lions start chasing an old buffalo bull after they were outrun by a herd of impalas. The buffalo runs into the watering hole where it is met by a crocodile attack

And ten years later, a herd of buffalo came to the aid of another of their members under attack at the same watering hole.

Thuli Khumalo, the head of Atamela safari tours, captured the heart-racing action while guiding a group of tourists around the park.

They spotted a pride of lions lying in the shade overlooking the water.

Because lions are opportunistic, it is likely that if they are hiding they are lying in wait for an animal of prey to accidentally stray too close.

A large herd of impalas went down to the water and the lions instantly chased after them before being outrun.

The lions then spot an old buffalo bull which they start chasing.

A struggle ensues between the buffalo and the crocodile and the buffalo manages to wriggle free and dash on to dry land before the rest of its herd storm over to save it from the jaws of the lions

Panicking, the bull runs into the water to try and get to safety but ends up being attacked by a crocodile.

He somehow manages to wriggle free of the bull’s clutches and stumbles back on to dry land.

As soon as the buffalo hit the surface, he makes a run for it, with the lions following close on its tail.

When buffaloes are under threat, they will call for help. Luckily, for this buffalo, his calls were answered.

A massive herd of buffalo that was on its way to the dam saw the commotion and chased the lions away saving it’s life.