A regretful farewell: Beluga whale smiles happily to everyone when returning to mother ocean (Video).

All species on Earth should be allowed a chance at a normal existence. The outdoors is the proper home for majestic animals like lions, not the tiny cages of traveling circuses. Cetaceans like the beluga whale, which is both highly intelligent and an aquatic mammal, thrive in their natural environment. These, like people, require a certain degree of independence.

And, the following photos of two belugas, Little Grey and Little White will make your day. They put on a large smile when released back into the ocean, first taste of the sea.

The adorable beluga whale duo was captured off the coast of Russia in 2011 and was still very young. Since then, the pair have performed in Chengfeng Ocean World, an aquarium in Shanghai, China.

After 9 years kept in captivity, Little Grey and Little White were taken back to the ocean, following a relocation project that has been years in the making. The two were flown 6,000 miles to Iceland and would stay in the Beluga Whale Sanctuary, run by British charity Sea Life Trust.

If you are doubted about the definition of freedom, just look just the large smile of the whales during the transfer. They couldn’t hide the happiness on their face. The blue ocean was waving them. Is there anything better?


The Beluga Whale Sanctuary is an open-water sanctuary for belugas, so it allows the belugas to adjust to the colder Icelandic environment. Little Grey and Little White stayed there for several months until they were released back into the ocean.

Moving two belugas was no easy task. The pair weighs a little more than a ton (2,000 pounds) each and consume around 110 pounds of fish per day between them. To keep them hosed down during the journey, organizers need to prepare specially designed equipment, veterinarians, and a whole lot of water and ice.

Thankfully, everything went smoothly. Two adorable beluga whales are now enjoying their life in the ocean. Freedom is awesome!