A stray dog ​​was suddenly adopted by surprise thanks to ruining the newlywed couple’s wedding

When it comes to party fouls, crashing a wedding is at the top of the list — followed by stealing attention from the bride. Caramelo de Jesus is guilty of both. But then again, he’s an adorable dog.

On July 2, Tamíris Muzini and Douglas Robert became husband and wife in the city of Vila Velha on Brazil’s southeastern coast. One of the country’s many stray dogs — as of 2020, the nonprofit World Animal Protection estimated there were 20 million — walked into the church like he was one of the 150 invited guests.

“Before the ceremony started, [the dog] entered the church and went straight upstairs, where he met the groom and guests,” Muzini, an interior designer, told The Post.

The pooch then headed back downstairs, laying just outside the door to the church.

“He stayed there, just waiting for me to enter,” Muzini added. As the crowd turned to watch her walk down the aisle, they were charmed by the sight of the dog doing the same. “Everyone was delighted with him because he is very cute and was super comfortable there,” she said.

Tamíris Muzini and Douglas Robert of Brazil decided they couldn’t leave behind the adorable dog that showed up at their wedding. They’ve named him Caramelo de Jesus.

“Everyone was delighted with him,” bride Tamíris Muzini said.Tamíris Muzini

Tugging at the heartstrings even more: The pup walked with a slight limp due to a broken foreleg.

He watched as Muzini exchanged vows with Robert, a firefighter, then ran up to them as they walked out the door — jumping up to pose for photos with the couple.

After the wedding, the couple named the dog Caramelo de Jesus and brought him into their home.Tamíris Muzini

“When he greeted us at the end, he asked: ‘Take me home. Take me,’” Muzini told TheDodo.com.

So they officially made the dog part of their family. His name came easily.

“Everyone had started calling him Caramelo, and that was it,” Muzini told The Post.

Though the candy-inspired name was fitting because of the pup’s warm butterscotch hue, Muzini and Robert decided that his full name would be Caramelo de Jesus “because, without a doubt, he was sent to us by God. It was surreal and inexplicable,” she said.

“He marked an important day in our history. He was part of our big moment and he enchanted us with his charisma,” she added.

It’s only been about a month since Caramelo de Jesus, who now boasts more than 16,000 followers on Instagram, moved in with the newlyweds, but they are admittedly in love with him.

“In the one month we’ve shared, we have had several adventures with him,” Muzini said. “Each day is a different surprise.”

Caramelo is a bit of a scamp, too. “One day he pees in the kitchen, another day he climbs on top of cars, then he steals grandma’s bread and runs away with it,” Muzini added.

Sometime before Caramelo was adopted, he suffered a broken foreleg, which is currently healing. “He’s doing great,” Muzini said.Tamíris Muzini

“But every day, he is sad when we go out to work. He welcomes us home with jumps, hugs and kisses when we return,” she said.

Plus, she added, the dog is preparing her for motherhood. “Undoubtedly, Caramelo is a beautiful training for a not-too-distant future with a human son,” Muzini said.

“He’s like a naughty child, but he is also very docile and super loving. He fills us with so much love all the time.”