Abandoned Dog Couldn’t Stop Showing Gratitude To The Woman Who Rescued Him

It goes without saying that the rescued animals are eternally grateful to their rescuers. After all, many of these animals were rescued from terrible and cruel situations.

But this little dog goes one step further! According to reports, the puppy was abandoned with his siblings, tied up and left without food and water. The dogs were left to suffer in the summer heat.

When a woman found the dogs, she knew she had to act immediately to save them. She put the dogs in her car and drove them to a safe place.

“I saw abandoned dogs that had not been given food, water or shelter for days and were dying in temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius. They were tied with two-meter chains and could not move.”

“I was waiting to see if someone would help them and I couldn’t sleep at night, so I rescued them.”

We really don’t deserve dogs!

Look at this cuteness in the video below.