Aghast! An апɡгу Mother Elephant Continuously Tramples Lion To Avenge Newborn Baby Elephant

It is not uncommon for mother elephants to become extremely protective of their young and react aggressively to potential threats. Lions are natural predators of elephants, and it is possible for them to prey on young and vulnerable elephants, such as newborns.



If a lion were to attack and kill a baby elephant, it is possible for the mother elephant to seek revenge and retaliate against the lion. However, it is important to note that elephants are generally peaceful animals and only resort to violence when they feel threatened or their young are in danger.

It is also worth noting that such events are rare and do not necessarily represent the overall behavior of elephants or lions in the wild. Wildlife conservation efforts aim to promote the coexistence of these animals in their natural habitats while minimizing human impact on their populations.