Crazy moment “Everyone in the room was shocked when three giant snakes fell through the roof”

Everyone in the room was in shock when all three of the snakes were revealed.

Stomach-churning footage has shown the unbelievable moment multiple enormous snakes fell through a home’s ceiling.

An emergency crew had been called to a home in Malaysia where residents had reportedly been complaining about disruptive noises at night.

“They were hearing strange noises above them while sleeping at night,” a post of the video on Twitter read.

Tense video showed part of one of the giant reptiles had been captured by the crew in an animal restraint pole, but it managed to wriggle out of it.

A worker then proceeded to tap part of the ceiling supporting the weight of the animal, but part of the ceiling then broke away, revealing it wasn’t just one enormous snake – but at least three.

The trio, in one fell swoop, then dropped through the ceiling while knotted up in a large, tangled mass.

The cause of loud noise at night was a bundle of massive snakes.Twitter/FightHaven

The crowd of workers yelled out in shock as the snakes dangled half inside the roof and half down the wall.

As they all attempted to slither back into the depths of the roof space, one of the workers managed to grab the tail of one and began trying to yank it down.

The animal was eventually plunged to the ground and dragged out of the room and down the hallway.

The trio of the snakes were so heavy they busted through the home’s ceiling.Twitter/FightHaven

Footage of the intense ordeal was uploaded on Tuesday and has been viewed more than 10 million times.

Many commenters were horrified by the reptilian encounter.

“Just set the whole house on fire,” one person wrote in a reply.

“Nah man, I would have had to move to Mars after that,” another said.


“This is what nightmares are made of,” a third added.