Defying all laws: New born baby with ‘angry face’ and ‘glaring’ at doctor: ‘Who told you to take me out’?

Hilarious photos show the moment a newborn baby frowns at a doctor who tries to make her cry.

Isabela Pereira de Jesus was born via Caesarean section the afternoon of February 13 at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

Doctors often encourage babies to cry after birth, as it shows that their lungs are working.

But when the obstetrician encouraged Isabela to make a noise, the baby was clearly unimpressed.

Mom Daiane de Jesus Barbosa hired local professional photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann to capture Isabela’s birth, and he was on hand to catch the baby’s adorable expression.

The photographer told Brazilian magazine Crescer that the obstetrician asked the baby to let out her first cry before she was set to cut off the umbilical cord.

‘She opened her eyes wide, but did not cry,’ Kunstmann said. ‘The doctor even had to say, ‘cry, Isa!’ She made that serious expression and only started crying after the umbilical cord was cut.’

A photo taken of Isabela Pereira de Jesus moments after her birth shows her looking very unimpressed

Isabela Pereira de Jesus finally let out a cry after the doctor cut off her umbilical cord

Isabela was expected to be born February 20 before her mother delivered her February 13

Daiane de Jesus Barbosa and her husband celebrated the birth of their first child last week

Kunstmann told ‘Childbirth is a unique moment and deserves to be recorded.’

He shared a series of 10 photos that captured de Jesus’ first precious moments on his Facebook page – including her eventual first cries.

And proud mom Daiane said the snaps show how brave the youngster already is.

‘My baby was born courageous,’ she told Brazilian news outlet G1.

‘It’s a meme already. She always wrinkles her forehead when changing diapers and nursing. Isabela was supposed to be born on the 20th, but she chose her day already showing her personality.

Isabela pictured with her father and mother, Daiane de Jesus Barbosa

Mom Daiane de Jesus Barbosa hired local professional photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann to capture Isabela’s birth