Dog comes home with trash bag and owner opens it to find he saved a baby’s life

The story of how this dog saved the life of a newborn baby has gone around the world and has touched everyone’s hearts.

According to a Bangkok Post report, a two-year-old male dog named Pui found an abandoned newborn baby near a roadside dump in Ayutthaya province, Thailand, in June 2013.

The poor creature was wrapped in a plastic bag as if it were just another garbage bag. Pui used to go through the dump every day although he did not take anything from there, however, he took a bag and took it to his house.

Once he got home, he put the bag that contained the baby on the floor and started barking to call his owners. It was as if Pui knew that someone should help the baby as soon as possible or she could die.

Seeing Pui so preoccupied, Sudarat Thongmak, the 12-year-old daughter of the dog’s owners, opened the bag and was perplexed to find the newborn baby inside.

Sudarat notified her parents, who immediately took the little baby girl to the hospital so that the doctors could take care of her. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

The baby was examined closely by the doctors, who determined that she was born premature and weighed only about 5 lbs.a

The parents of Sudarat and masters of Pui told this incredible story to the Bangkok Post newspaper after the heroic dog was awarded a special necklace and a certificate from the Thai Red Cross as a token of appreciation for his admirable behavior.

After the baby spent some time in the hospital under treatment, the family that found her, in turn, began the paperwork to adopt the baby girl. Meanwhile, the police continued with the inquiries to find the mother of the child.