Evidence of highly developed civilizations and kingdoms that predated the ice age

Evidence of highly advanced civilizations and kingdoms that existed long before the Ice Αg

Researchers are constantly looking for more and more mysteries to unravel. Recently, his biggest find has yet to definitely be “Great Αdria”. It all started with the article published in September 2019, in which Douwe Van Hinsbergen examines rocks under the Mediterranean Sea. His discoveries absolutely exceeded his expectations.

Douwe van Hinsbergen was the first person to reveal the true proportions of “Greater Αdria”, which is why he and his team immortalized their names in the history book.

They found that Greater Αdria had been buried around 140 million years ago. But, contrary to popular belief, it was not the water that sank the place. It was the European continent itself.

When the two continents merged, Greater Αdria unfortunately failed. He was buried under what is now Italy, Greece and the Baltic countries. People have been speculating about the whereabouts of the Realms for so long. But sadly, the answers have finally arrived on our doorstep.