Flying Reptile: Scientists Discover Millions Of Years Old ‘Flying Devil’, Know Shocking Things About It

Scientists have discovered the fossil of a flying dinosaur of the Jurassic period (Kingdom of the dinosaurs). This fossil was recently found on the seashore in the Isle of Skye, Scotland, which was a dinosaur of the pterosaur species. They discovered dinosaur is 8 feet big, which scientists have named Satan.

Scientists have named this dinosaur Jark Skinnyak. Which means the first, but the lizard, the second, the lizard that came from the sky. Scientists say that Jark Skinny is a pterosaur of the Jurassic period. This period was from 20.13 crore years to 14.50 crore years. Steve Brussett, Professor of Evolution and Paleontology at the University of Edinburgh, says that the Jurassic period’s Jark Scyn was one of the largest dinosaurs.

He has told that Jark Skinny was not a dinosaur but a vertebrate creature that could fly. Pterosaurs started flying 50 million years before birds. Pterosaurs are the oldest dinosaur species ever found. It is believed to be 23 million years old which was a Triassic time.

The largest pterosaur was named Quetzalcoatlus with a wingspan of 36 feet. Its size was comparable to that of a small aircraft. This is about seven million years ago. This species of dinosaur required less weight and lighter bones to fly. Because of this, it is difficult to find their fossils, because their bones used to melt quickly.

Natalia Jagielska, the principal researcher of paleontology, says that the fossil found in Scotland is 160 million years old. The sharp teeth with which he used to catch fish are still safe. After looking at its fossil, it is known that it was not fully developed and died before that.