Found The Tomb Of Egypt’s Most Pitiful Queen: Must Marry Her Grandfather, Father And Brother

This queen is the wife of the famous King Tutankhamun, and also the queen with the most tragic fate in Egypt.

In January 2018, Dr. Zahi Hawass – a famous archaeologist in Egypt and a team of more than 100 workers approached an important area inside the Valley of the Kings.

This is an extremely large place where many pharaohs in history rest. Up to this moment, humans have not been able to uncover all that is hidden in the valley. The same goes for the Hawass area approaching. It belongs to the western part of the valley, and is a place no one has touched yet.

Valley of the Kings in Egypt

And according to the latest images, it seems that the research team has found some evidence of the resting place of Ankhesenamun – the “teenage” wife of pharaoh Tutankhamun (king Tut). According to historians, Ankhesenamun had a very tragic fate, having to marry her father, then grandfather, and her own half-brother, King Tut.

It is known that Discovery is the sponsor for this research trip. And according to LiveScience, there will be a big discovery announced in the near future.

This may be the evidence of the tomb of Ankhesenamun – the wife of King Tut

For now, experts are keeping their findings private. However, according to the information revealed, there may be several tombs in this area. If one of these were to be Ankhesenamun’s resting place, it would be an important find, as information about her has mysteriously disappeared from historical documents.

Dr. Hawass revealed what he found on April 20, in Tucson, Arizona (USA).


It is known that this archaeological trip started in July 2017, when Dr. Hawass found a suspicious area near the tomb of pharaoh Ay – who ascended the throne after King Tut – thanks to radar signals.

“Radar signal shows that there is a passage from the tomb at a depth of 5m. This is also believed to be the tomb of Ankhesenamun – King Tut’s wife.

According to historical documents, Ankhesenamun was the wife of King Tut, who was also her cousin. However, some data show that after King Tut’s death, Ankhesenamun had to marry the then crowned pharaoh Ay – her grandfather. In addition, it is reported that she also had to marry King Akhenaten – her father before being the wife of King Tut.

Back to Hawass’ discovery. Dr. said his research team is planning to dig deeper into the area, to find out exactly who owned the tomb.

“We’re sure there’s a mausoleum here, we just don’t know whose it is.”