Funny scene: The mischievous baby elephant tries to push his brother into the water even though he doesn’t know how to swim

A heartwarming video has captured an endearing moment of sibling playfulness among elephants.

In a zoo in Germany, a young elephant took it upon itself to encourage its older sibling to take a dip in a nearby pool, resulting in a delightful play-fight between the two.

In a charming display of sibling antics, a young elephant decided it was time for water-based fun as it attempted to coax its larger sibling into the pool.

However, The elder elephant didn’t appear the least bothered and casually pushed the little one aside.

But the determined calf persisted, gathering momentum for a playful shove to get its brother into the water.

At one point, it seemed like the little one might have succeeded as two of the elder elephant’s feet were hanging off the pool’s edge, but the older sibling managed to regain balance.

The heartwarming moment was beautifully captured on camera, with the filmmaker noting how the young elephant continuously encouraged its sibling into the water.

Despite repeated attempts to give its older sibling a friendly nudge towards the pool, the young elephant’s endeavors proved to be in vain.

However, the adorable display of their sibling bond and playful interaction continued.

As the playful pushing match between these two magnificent creatures continued, the elder sibling eventually decided to engage more directly with its younger brother in their endearing display of sibling connection.