Helpless with the dog “Break the lock, remove the chain, get through the 6ft high gate to visit a 4-legged friend next door”

A dog showed off its athleticism by successfully climbing a 6ft chain-link gate so it could visit its friend next door.

In the clip, which was uploaded to YouTube, two dogs can be seen staring at each other from either side of a large metal fence.

Deciding that their distance apart is just too much, one pooch takes action, showing off its impressive climbing ability.

The dog decides that the distance between itself and another pooch is too much and begins climbing the gate

After jumping up at the gate as if appealing for help, the dog sets about climbing the 6ft chain-link fence

Initially it jumps up at the fence and appears to be appealing to the video maker for some assistance.

But before long it has a paw-hold on the chain-link gate and suddenly all four of its legs are off the ground.

Moving meticulously, the dog takes its time as it leans back and looks for the best place to put its paws while climbing.

The dog leans back and meticulously climbs up the gate using all four of its paws to pull itself up

Moving sideways, the dog looks at the camera briefly before progressing up the gate.

At the top a series of sharp spikes stand in the way and it appears that the dog may well have reached the end of the line.

However, it continues to climb and after resting its paws in place – in between the spikes – it pulls the rest of its body up.

Once stable, the dog then walks over towards the wall – away from the spikes – and sets about climbing down.

Once at the top of the gate, the intelligent dog avoids the spikes and pulls itself clear of them

The dog walks towards the wall and after jumping onto a lower piece of it, carefully drops to the ground

It jumps onto a lower piece of the wall, so as to bring itself closer to the ground, and then carefully drops into the garden.

Once inside, it is greeted by the other dog who can be seen running alongside it as the video concludes.

Little information has been provided alongside the clip and it is unclear where the incident took place.

The video concludes with the dog entering the garden and being reunited with its friend, which it runs alongside