Touching video “Courageous dog saves baby deer from drowning in fast water”

Lawson Fielder’s pet Labrador jumped into the river and carried the distressed animal across the water, bringing it to the dry land. The rescue video was seen more than 12 million times on TikTok

A Labrador has been hailed a hero for saving a fawn from drowning in a fast-flowing river in a now-viral video.

He wrote: “Anyone else’s dog do this?”

The short clip shows the black pooch emerging from the water below the bush on the opposite side of the river bank.

As it crosses the river, it becomes clear that it is carrying the small animal in its mouth while it paddles through the muddy water.

The fawn lets out a cry until the Labrador brings it to the dry land and drops it in front of Lawson.

The video has amassed more than 12 million views in just four days but it has left viewers divided.

Some praised for the dog’s incredible skill to save the baby deer as one commented: “Dogs are smarter than humans. If the dog wanted to hurt the fawn it would’ve, he was barely grabbing the poor thing.”

Another wrote: “How awesome he rescued that baby and brought to you.”

“Amazing dog, what a hero!” a third added.

But others questioned if the dog was bringing its owner’s hunting prey.

“Bring it back to its mama, the baby deer is clearly in distress,” a concerned viewer said and a second penned: “Please do not kill the baby deer.”

“Not to spoil the mood …. But are we sure that the fawn was in the water when the dog grabbed it? The fawn could have been hiding in the grass waiting for its mother to return, a third shared.

Also in US, a German shepherd managed to save its owner’s life by leading police officers to the site of their horror car crash.

The dog, named Tinsley, was rewarded with a venison burger after leading cops down a busy road to where her owner lay, severely injured from a car crash.