Lionel Messi Magic: From soccer star to industrial entrepreneur in Miami, marks a milestone in Lionel Messi’s life as he introduces hydration drinks to the world(Video)

June 14, 2024, marks a milestone in the life of Lionel Messi, not only as a footballer but also as an entrepreneur. In a surprising move, the Argentine football icon ventures into new territory: industrial production. This strategic move has generated great anticipation among his followers and the business community in Miami and Latin America.


In an unexpected twist, Messi shared a video on his social media platforms showing him and his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, visiting a production plant. Dressed as factory workers, they tour the factory’s facilities and immerse themselves in the process of creating a new hydration drink. The video ends with a date on the screen: June 14, 2024, suggesting an upcoming launch. (Just in time for the Copa America.).

According to sources close to the project, it is an innovative drink, specially designed for athletes and active individuals, with natural ingredients and unique properties for hydration and physical performance.

The production plant is located in Miami, reaffirming Messi’s commitment to the local community and his bet on the US market. This strategic location not only facilitates distribution in the United States but also projects the brand’s expansion into Latin America and the rest of the world.

Messi’s Impact Beyond the Field

Messi’s foray into the business world is not new, but this step into industrial production represents a bold move. Since joining Inter Miami, Messi has expanded his influence beyond the playing field, becoming an icon not only in sports but also in business.

The Message Behind the Factory Visit

The message conveyed by Messi in the video goes beyond promoting a hydration drink. It represents a commitment to quality and health, values ​​that have been part of his career both in football and now in the business world. Furthermore, his choice to visit a factory and dress like an ordinary worker reflects his humility and connection with ordinary people.

Reactions on Social Media

Messi’s video as a factory worker has sparked a wave of comments on social media. From jokes about his new job to speculations about the launch of the drink, Messi’s followers are eager to learn more about this new project. The launch date, June 14, is already marked on many calendars.

The launch of a new hydration drink backed by Messi promises to be a success in the market. With his enormous following and reputation as a leader on the field, Messi has the potential to make this company a benchmark in the sports beverage industry.

IN conclusion:

Lionel Messi’s transition from footballer to industrial entrepreneur is a clear example of his vision and determination beyond the playing field. His foray into industrial production not only expands his legacy but also demonstrates his ability to adapt and succeed in new challenges. The launch of the new hydration drink on June 14 will be a milestone in his business career and an event eagerly awaited by his followers in Miami and beyond.