‘Loneliest dog in the world’ gets five star Hollywood treatment for new film alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins

Freya spent six YEARS in an animal shelter and was rejected more than 18,000 times before Transformers director Michael Bay offered her a lead role

Freya is playing Sir Anthony Hopkins’ pet in the latest Transformers film

The loneliest dog in the world has been transformed into a Hollywood superstar.

Pitbull and Staffordshire bull terrier cross Freya spent six YEARS at an animal shelter and was rejected more than 18,000 times by potential owners.

But film-maker Michael Bay , 51, decided to give her a fairytale ending by casting her in a starring role in his latest Tranformers film.

Freya has just spent two weeks on set appearing as the pet of Sir Anthony Hopkins .

And she got the full five-star Hollywood treatment.

Frey was a huge hit with Sir Anthony as well as other cast members including Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci.

New owner Ray Collins says his Freya has been spoilt rotten by cast and crew

It is a far cry from her early years before she found new owner Ray Collins.

Ray, 62, from Stockport, Manchester said: “Freya was there with all the stars, there were helicopters, tanks, fast cars and explosions.

“She was the only dog on set but was fantastic with it all.”

Ray revealed animal loving director Michael Bay fell in love with Freya and took her for walks around Alnwick Castle in Northumberland during breaks in filming.

“Michael was so lovely with Freya,” he added. “He kept asking me: ‘Is she OK? Does she want to take a rest?’

“He adored Freya. He’s a busy man. There’s so much happening on set, but every time he had a break he would come over. He gave her so much attention. He made such a fuss of her.

“During breaks in filming Freya sat on the grass. The crew brought over a robe that was as thick as a duvet so she could sit on that.

Freya was in an animal shelter for six years – but her life has been Transformed

“She was treated like a star. The crew would nip to the shops in the village to get her food.

“We thought Freya was only going to get a bit part. But she has a starring role as Anthony Hopkins’ dog. She was in a lot of scenes.

“She was dubbed the world’s loneliest dog, 18,700 people visited the dog home without taking her home. Now she is doing quite a lot of personal appearances and I have just got an agent for her.

“She loves attention so is in the right line of work. My wife says she will be a right diva now.

“Freya has epilepsy so we had to be careful but she fits during the night when she is at her quietest.”

Ray loved rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood stars and said they were great to work with and he enjoyed spending time with them.

Freya’s story has captured the imagination

Ray said of Anthony Hopkins: “He was fantastic. He was the business. He came and sat with us for an hour and we just chatted. Lovely man.

“The director Michael Bay was great as well. I thought I might not see him much because he was so busy, but he was with us all the time.”

While at Freshfields Dogs Home, in Southport, Freya was put on Facebook and dubbed ‘the loneliest dog in the world’ as no one would take her.

But pooch-loving Transformers director Michael Bay saw the post and decided he wanted her for the franchise’s fifth instalment.

Ray adopted Freya in May this year as he saw her online and she reminded him of a previous dog he owned but he know nothing of her upcoming filming.

Ray owns another dog – a cross chihuahua and Jack Russell named Joan – but says she is not jealous of Freya’s new-found fame.

Ray owns another dog – a cross chihuahua and Jack Russell named Joan – but says she is not jealous of Freya’s new-found fame.

He said: “They get on fine, in fact I think Joan missed Freya while she was away.

“Since being in Transformers and being trained, Freya is calmer.

“I think that the director felt sorry for her as she has had bad times in her life.”