Messi’s son did something unexpected that caused a stir in the American sports industry, attracting attention with a ‘cool’ clip with millions of views

The clip was recorded by viewers of the match between Inter Miami’s 1-0 win over DC United on May 19.5 at Chase Stadium and posted on social networks. Accordingly, after the match, the sons of Messi and Suarez, who are very close to each other, participated in a small match held in one of the stadium’s goals.

Mateo (right) took the ball and used his heel to "pierce" Mr. Benjamin's groin

Mateo (right) took the ball and used his heel to “pierce” Mr. Benjamin’s groin

It all started when Benjamin Suarez, the eldest son of striker Suarez, intended to dribble and try to pass his “brother” Mateo, before shooting at the goal with Thiago Messi (Mateo’s brother) as goalkeeper. However, even though Mateo was only 9 years old, he immediately showed off his excellent soccer skills by blocking his opponent, winning the ball, and tricking Benjamin with a great “groin piercing” heel kick.

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Benjamin fell down because of Mateo’s unexpected “groin piercing” and had to use “tricks” no less than his father’s to stop Messi’s son, pulling his opponent down with his hands. Even though he was pulled down, Mateo still managed to get up and grab the ball, but his shot missed the goal.

The dramatic developments of Messi and Suarez’s sons playing soccer made the fans remaining at Chase Stadium extremely excited to watch and enthusiastically support, according to the newspaper. Trademarks (Spain).

Mateo (left) and his brother Thiago are members of the U.9 and U.12 Inter Miami teams, respectively

Mateo (left) and his brother Thiago are members of the U.9 and U.12 Inter Miami teams, respectively

Mateo Messi is currently participating in the U.9 team of Inter Miami Club’s Academy, while his brother Thiago Messi and close friend Benjamin Suarez are about the same age as participating in the U.12 team. The sons of Messi and Suarez both contributed a lot to the achievements of the Inter Miami U.9 and U.12 teams in the 2024 season in youth tournaments in Miami City (USA).

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As for Messi, this famous player’s first son, Thiago, is considered likely to follow in his footsteps, as he increasingly shows his maturity in the central midfielder role. Thiago often plays alongside Benjamin, the eldest son of striker Suarez, and is a good pair both on the field and off, just like his famous fathers who have been close for a long time.

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“But Messi also has a second son, Mateo, who promises to be a special football talent. The boy is more famous than his “older brothers”, through clips showing his exquisite ball-throwing skills or scoring up to 2 goals in a match of the U.5 Inter Miami team. Of course, including the recent episode when Mateo “humiliated” Benjamin, which had millions and millions of views on social networks,” the newspaper said. Trademarks expressed.