New Beginnings: Circus Elephants Liberated from Chains Experience Joy and Mud Baths

Four elephants, who were known as the Precious Four, have been rescued from a life of performing in Rambo Circus, India. The circus used to restrain them in spiked chains between shows, but now they are enjoying newfound freedom and indulging in refreshing mud baths.

Wildlife SOS carried out a rescue mission, which they described on their Facebook page as one of the “most dangerous, exhausting, and complicated rescues to date”. The mission took over two days to complete. Geeta Seshamani, co-founder of Wildlife SOS, was appalled by the inhumane conditions the elephants were enduring, shackled and deprived of natural life.

The organization alleges that the circus restrained the elephants when they were not performing and denied them access to fresh water and exercise opportunities. Rambo Circus refutes these claims, stating that they never mistreated any animals.

Rhea Lopez, elephant campaign manager of Wildlife SOS, expressed concern for the mental and physical health of the elephants. The Precious Four – Pearl, Ruby, Goldie, and Sylvie – were transported to a facility in Pune, India, where they are currently resting and receiving medical treatment.

According to Wildlife SOS, the elephants have formed close bonds. A veterinarian at the facility provides foot care, and the animals receive deworming tablets. John Pecorelli, US communications director of Wildlife SOS, mentioned that a temporary pool had been set up for them, with Sylvie and Goldie already exploring it.


The elephants will be relocated to a Wildlife SOS Elephant Care Center once the necessary government paperwork is obtained. However, the organization faces a challenge from the circus, which seeks to regain custody of the elephants.

The animals were initially removed with assistance from the police, forest department officials, and other NGOs after the circus lost recognition from the Central Zoo Authority and was banned by the Animal Welfare Board of India.

While Wildlife SOS addresses legal issues, the elephants are starting their recovery journey, seemingly enjoying fresh spinach treats, their newfound favorite.