Ningen: Mystery of the 30-meter-long anthropomorphic sea monster in Antarctica

Rumor has it that this huge, white creature – which can grow up to 30 meters in length, and has quite human-like facial features – inhabits the cold waters near Antarctica. No one knows for sure what they are, but many ships claim to have encountered this giant creature rising from the depths of the ocean.

According to the Ancient-code site, they are called Ningen, which in Japanese means human (人間). They were first discovered in the 1990s by fishing boats in the Pacific Ocean. At that time, due to the distance, the sailors mistakenly thought Ningen was an Antarctic resident wearing a white bear fur coat. But when the ship approached the strange creature, the sailors were shocked when discovered that Ningen has a superior size compared to the surrounding species, with a length of up to 30m. They have smooth, hairless, white skin like polar bears.

Ningen has eyes, mouth and limbs like humans. In particular, Ningen has a quite human-like appearance, with enough two hands and two feet, two hands even have enough five fingers. They have two eyes and a mouth. They are sometimes depicted with fins or a large mermaid-like tail.

Ningen has a height of 20 -30 m. Subsequent encounters There has been a long time, the excitement around the creature named Ningen gradually subsided. It seems that no boat in the ocean has encountered them. Again. Until 2006, when a member of the 2channel forum (a very influential online forum in Japan),

who claimed to have worked in the Japanese government’s whale research team, claimed to have encountered Ningen in Antarctica, this topic was once again heated up. According to this person, at first when seeing a white object moving in the water, the research team mistook it for a ship. submarine. But when they approached, everyone in the crew panicked when they saw the object breathing and then disappearing after a few seconds.

Ningen was seen by the Japanese under the sea. The story became even hotter and attracted the attention of public opinion in the world when in 2007, Japan’s MU magazine – a publication specializing in mysterious public phenomena. published a Google maps satellite image of Ningen in Antarctica.

Google maps photo of the creature moving in the water is said to be Ningen. Netizens have also posted a series of pictures and videos of Ningen. So far, the Japanese government has not made any comment on this creature, and Ningen’s existence is still an open question.