Perfect partnership off the field: Messi opens a bar next to Suarez’s restaurant in Castelldefels just 100 meters away

It is known that Messi’s new bar is very close to Luis Suarez’s restaurant and this pair of close friends seems to have more opportunities to “match their swords” in the marketplace.

Recently, images of Lionel Messi ‘s upcoming bar have attracted a lot of attention on the streets of Castelldefels, Spain. Although at this time, the project is still in the final construction phase, fans are extremely excited about the bar’s location.

It is known that Messi’s bar is only 100 yards (more than 91 meters) from Luis Suarez’s restaurant. It seems that Barca’s number 10 has carefully calculated to soon be able to “work shoulder to shoulder” with his close friend Suarez in the same business area.

Messi’s bar is very close to Suarez’s restaurant

In 2017, Suarez opened a restaurant called Chalito right in front of the dreamy beach of Castelldefels. Chalito then also became a favorite destination of both Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez’s families.

Suarez soon opened a restaurant in Castelldefels, Spain

Messi often comes to the shop to support his close friend

The beautiful friendship of Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi once made many Barcelona fans feel emotional. On the field, the two players often “duet” to create victories for Barca, but in real life, their families often gather for close “dates”.

Even when Luis Suarez moved to Atletico Madrid, the relationship between the two players remained unaffected. The two often take their families on vacation together and in particular, Suarez and Messi’s children even attend the same school.

The relationship between Suarez and Messi is always close and strong