Please don’t leave me! The harrowing video shows the dog crying after getting stuck in the TOILET before being rescued by firefighters

Footage shows little dog stuck down cistern in China

Firefighters come to rescue the terrified little dog

He screeches and yelps as the firefighters pull him out

But his owner is overjoyed when he is rescued and they reunite

Firefighters are regularly called out to rescue pets from unlikely places.

But a group of brave emergency service workers in China went the extra mile… by rescuing a dog that had got stuck down a toilet.

Incredible footage shows the tiny dog whimpering with its head just visible above the cistern.

Moment firefighter saves yelping puppy from toilet bowl

How did you get down there? Heartbreaking footage shows a dog stuck down a toilet cistern in China

Don’t flush me away! The little pup looks utterly distraught as he yelps to be set free from the cistern

The firefighters work to free the little dog, whose white fur coat has become completely matted.

As they pull and tug him out of the small hole in the cistern, the dog’s cries become increasingly agonising.

He yelps and screams as the firefighters struggle to release him from the cistern.

It’s okay little buddy! A brave firefighter begins the attempt to rescue the dog

Out you come! The dog cries out as he begins to be released from the cistern

You’re free! The dog is finally released, much to the firefighter’s relief

Finally, they free the dog, who looks extremely shaken by his encounter.

His owner looks thrilled to be reunited with her pet, and the firefighters congratulate themselves on a job well done.

Back to mum! Finally the pup is reunited with his joyous owner