The amazing transformation before and after being rescued shows what love can do

What was in 1967 that the Beatles sang? That’s it, “All You Need Is Love.”

While the world has changed massively over the last 40 years, the mantra still rings true, as you can see from the photos of these abandoned animals who were rescued, and with a whole lot of love, had their lives turned around from their caring owners.

Though the sight of these poor stray dogs in their before state might speak volumes on animal abuse, the happy endings to their stories help us keep faith in humanity. So, what are you waiting for? Give the person next to you – or your dog or cat! – a hug and share some love! After, of course, scrolling down to this miraculous before and after photo list of rescue dogs who got truly lucky.

Starving Dog Who Couldn’t Stand Up Makes An Incredible Transformation After 7 Weeks Of Treatment

A Puppy, Who Was Saved From A Fire And Suffered Burns To 75% Of His Body, Including His Paw Pads, Was Adopted By A Firefighter And Became One Too

My Friend Rescued Coconut. Three Months After He Looks Like This

Our Rescued Dog Augustus Full Of Scabby Mange Before And Now

What gets me about all of these pictures (this one being one of the more obvious examples of what I’m suggesting) is the pain in their eyes and bodies. You can see their tired and hurting in the before, and by contrast they look happy and excilerated in the afters. Like they know there happy and loved. You could suggest I’m anthropomorphizing here but what do you call that. Look at their faces!

Dog Who Turned To Stone From Mange Was Afraid Of Human Touch, Now Demands Belly Rubs

Tied Up Outside Store, Abandoned, Suffering From Severe Mange And An Eye Infection, This Pitbull Is Unrecognizable Now

Miley Was Found Living In A Trash Pile, Severely Injured And Barely Able To Walk. Now She Is Happy And Healthy, Living In A New Home

My Wife And I Saw Her Shared On Facebook Asking For Someone To Save Her From The Pound. She Was 3-Months-Old Had Demodectic Mange Over Most Of Her Body, A Terrible Skin Infection And Pneumonia. This Is How She Looks About 2 1/2 Months After

This Is Little Copeland Before And After Rescue

This Poor Guy Was Found In The Streets Of Montreal Looking So Filthy That It Was Hard To Tell That He Was Actually A Dog. But Look How Charming He Seems After His Cleanup

Kelsey Was Found Infested With Parasites And Starving, But Then She Met A Kind Stranger Who Somehow Convinced Kelsey To Get Into His Car. Now She Has A Home

Starving Dog Who Survived By Eating Twigs And Rocks Gets His Happily Ever After

Set On Fire And Used As A Bait Dog As A Young Puppy, Hudson Was Adopted Into A Wonderful Home

I don’t get how people can be so cruel. I can understand a dog having a difficult life because it’s abandoned and nobody wants to care for it, even if it’s sad; but somebody purposely causing harm and setting a dog on fire??! What pleasure can you get from hurting an innocent animal whose only mistake was to be too trusting??

This Is My Dog Miss Midna, 1 Year Apart

Dying Dog Found On Street, Was Suffering From Mange, And Clearly Had Had No Human Contact In A Long Time. It Was Completely Transformed In Two Months

Kenzi Came To Cocker Spaniel Rescue Of Austin & San Antonio From San Antonio As An Abuse/Neglect Case. Her Transformation Shows What Some Tender Loving Care Can Do

Puppy Was Left To Die After Falling Into Hot Tar, Until One Kind-Hearted Person Heard The Dog’s Cry. After Scrubbing The Dog For 3 Hours, The Tar Was Finally Removed

This 2-Year-Old Girl Is Ready For Her New Life To Begin. 2 Pounds Of Mud And Fur Was Shaved Away

Iggy Was Found Barely Alive In Mexico With A Horrible Eye Infection. Someone Uploaded A Picture Of Him To Facebook. People Were Touched And Donated Money To Transport The Guy Into The U.S. And Treat His Injury

Little Betty Was Abandoned By Her Owners. Once Ashamed By Her Appearance, She Is Now Ready For A New Home

Cedar Was Found Hairless From Stress, With Bones Poking Through His Skin. Since Then, He Has Found A Great Home With Good Care

My Dog’s Vet Rescued A Severely Neglected Dog Named Max. This Is How He Looks Before And After Rescue

A Little Bit Of Time And A Lot Of Love

Abandoned Puppy Who Was Found So Weak The He Couldn’t Stand, Emaciated, Dehydrated,and His Skin Was So Maggot-Infested He Gave Off A Rotting Smell, Gets Saved By The Good Care Of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital

Poor Guy Was Abused And Mistreated. He Was Afraid Of Everyone And Everything. It Took A Lot Of Hard Work And Patience, But Gage Is The Best Dog A Guy Could Ask For Today

Treasure, A 2-Year-Old Female Purebred Miniature Poodle, Was Severely Neglected Before Being Spotted By A Passing Motorist Who Brought Her To The Natchez-Adams County Humane Society

My Rescued Dog, She’s So Happy Now

The Difference A Year Makes For A Rescue Dog

Dying Dog Found Locked Up In A Crate All Covered In Feces Gets Completely Transformed By Love

Shrek Was Found Barely Moving, With Legs Covered In Sores And Fur Caked With Mud. After His Excess Hair Was Removed He Was Discovered To Be A 6-Year-Old Malti-Poo Dog