The Ancient Lost City of Giants Has Been Finally Discovered In The Jungle Of Ecuador

In 2012, an expedition discovered an ancient “city of giants” deep in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador.

From South America to North America, from Asia to Europe, there are legends about ancient giants who once lived and reigned on Earth, according to the Ancient Code.

It is thanks to such legends, combined with an old photograph of a strange structure that in 2012, a group of explorers traveled to the remote Amazon jungle in Ecuador to find Search for the “lost city of giants”.

The journey brought them close to a riverbank, where they discovered many megalithic (stone (lithic) + giant (giant) structures), and many oversized artifacts.

A megalithic construction, made up of stone blocks weighing up to a ton

This city consists of many megalithic stone structures. The building blocks used are very large, weighing up to a ton.

The largest megalithic structure found by explorers is a pyramid 80 m high and 80 m wide.

The pyramid structure was discovered by the expedition in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. Photo: Bradva.BGIt is built of hundreds of large stone blocks, with irregular shapes, each weighing about 2 tons.

Photo: Internet

How did the ancients, with their rudimentary tools, carry such two-ton stone blocks to build these megalithic structures, if it weren’t for their enormous stature, even giant. Indeed, scattered throughout the area, the expedition also found a few artifacts that are “oversized” labor tools.

Artifacts “oversized”

Among the large stone and ceramic artifacts discovered, some were “oversized”, much larger than normal. Take for example a giant hammerhead.

Giant hammerhead. Photo:

Giant hammerhead. Photo: ufoholic.comWhen attached to the hammer with the corresponding proportions, the original hammer must have been very large.

Photo: narvii.comLocals also consider it a sacred place and pass on fanciful stories about the giants who built the ancient megalithic city out of stone.

Giant skeleton discovered

In 1964, priest Carlos Miguel Vaca found a giant skeleton up to 7 meters long at a site in Ecuador. The skeleton was later displayed at the museum bearing his name, “Museo del Padre Vaca”, alongside numerous artifacts discovered in the area. After his death, this museum was looted, the other skeleton was lost.

However, based on the original skeleton, Jungfrau Park in Switzerland has displayed a reconstructed model of the original skeleton.

Model of Ecuadorian skeleton reconstruction at Jungfrau Park, Switzerland. Photo: Internet