The furry friend has a thing for babies and falls in love with a newborn and the two become best friends

Although it is always special when we bring a dog into the family, it is seen even more special when there is a child involved. Perhaps that is why people are loving the story of a golden retriever named Hinckley and the baby human in the family, Teddy.

Social media has been buzzing since videos of these two friends were posted online. It really shows just how strong the love is between a dog and a human.

According to DailyMail, Theodore’s mother, Whitney Parks, shared that Hinckley was only one year old when they brought the baby home. The 37-year-old mother said that the dog thought Theodore was a toy.

Although that may have been true when they first brought Teddy home in October 2020, the dog quickly figured things out. It wasn’t long before the dog was standing by to keep the baby safe while he slept.


According to the outlet, Whitney had the following to say: “When we first brought Teddy home Hinckley thought we had brought him home a new toy just for him. He had been the center of our world for a year so I can understand why he thought that.”

It’s not unusual for parents to be concerned about bringing a new baby home when there is a dog in the family.


There are various ways to make the process a success, especially by making sure the dog does not feel left out. As it turns out, Hinckley was a natural.


“Hinckley joins every feeding. Generally, Teddy is on my left and Hinckley is on my right, it’s a special time for the three of us to bond and snuggle,” the mom shared.

There are also times when Hinckley makes a clean break with the binky when mom isn’t paying attention.

She loves watching the interaction and apparently, the Internet loves watching it as well.