The great efforts of the mother dog finally paid off “Puppies stuck in the sewer reunite with their mother after hours”

Five puppies were trapped underground for more than 10 hours and their mother couldn’t get to them! But thanks to the heroic efforts of rescuers the stray puppies were reunited with their mother.

The puppies’ ordeal began when the five puppies crawled through a narrow pipeline and fell into a sewer drain in the town of Hyderabad in India. “There was no way for them to return,” Animal Warriors Conservation Society, said of the puppies who fell down. “It was pitch dark inside so they kept crying for help.”

ViralHog /Animal Warriors Conservation Society

During the time they were underground, their mother could get to them. “The mother dog was able to comfort them by crawling into the pipe but was unable to get them out,” rescuers explained.

When Animal Warriors Conservation Society arrived to help free the puppies they realized they would need extra help to break into the drain.

ViralHog /Animal Warriors Conservation Society

With the assistance of Narayanamma Engineering Colleges students and staff they were able to use a drill machine and make a gap in the concrete that they could crawl through.

“Our team slowly entered the drain and found puppies hiding in the corner,” they wrote on Facebook. “One by one the puppies were secured and brought outside.”

ViralHog /Animal Warriors Conservation Society

The moment all the puppies were freed the crowd of spectators applauded.

ViralHog /Animal Warriors Conservation Society

Finally, they had mother’s milk after long hours. Mother dog and puppies came back to us to thank us and later went into a safe location.”

If anyone interested to adopt these brave pups contact us !!!

If anyone is interested in adopting one of the puppies or supporting Animal Warriors in their rescue efforts, contact Animal Warriors Conservation Society.