The Legend Of A Series Of Pyramids Built By The Famous Spider Woman In History!

Legend has it that it was not the ancient Egyptians but a Spider woman and her courtiers who built the great pyramids.

Guess how to build pyramids

It is possible that in the old days people used small chisels and wooden sledgehammers to separate the glue-like adhesion (spider-like glue) to carve the stone and place the first stone to build the pyramid to the joy of all. People.

They used logs and bamboo to transport stones from the Nile to Cairo as building materials for the city.

Drawing of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

If the job is good, they can build a whole series of pyramids in 20 years. They set up makeshift tents on the old ruins and brought their families to live.

Legend of the creator Hopi built the pyramid

The story of the Creator Hopi tells that: The builder of the pyramids was Spider-woman and her courtiers called “Ant-Men”.

The Spider-woman built the pyramid because the Creator instructed her to “arrange the country”. The Creator works with purpose and plan like humans.

The Spider Woman of the Native Americans.


The Creator needed the pyramids on Earth in Egypt, Mexico and China to balance the universe.

After the Spider-woman built the pyramid, ice also formed at the North and South poles of the Earth. The weight of the ice makes the planet stable.

The Hopi see this as the fourth time the Hopi Creator has returned because the building was destroyed. So the pyramids were built at different times (after the first one destroyed it with fire, the second with ice, the third with water, the cataclysm).


The site of the pyramid was expanded, the frescoes around the pyramid grew from simple shapes to colorful carved decorations.

The mural of the Soul of the Sun Tawa, representing the legendary creator Hopi.


Plan to build pyramid complex

The Creator told the Spider-woman and her grandson: they need to stay on Earth to build civilization.

The creator built the pyramid for himself, for his nephew, so he went back to fix the problem 7 times and hoped that the Earth would be at peace.

The largest pyramid on the left is for the Creator. The pyramid in the middle is for the grandson. The sites where the pyramids were built are at the point of perfect balance that divides them into two equal parts.

Part dark and part light. The third pyramid is smaller than the first two pyramids. The three small satellite pyramids in front of the Creator’s pyramid may represent the next 3 worlds he wants to create..

The bottom three tiny satellite pyramids may represent the site of our current world that has experienced three destructions by fire, ice, and water.


If that legend is true, the pyramids were not built by humans. Evidence from satellite images shows that the pyramids have been moved to 3 areas.

The story of the Creator Hopi does not tell how the pyramids were built, only the builder, purpose and time of construction.

The pyramids were built at a time when the new Earth was destroyed by fire, ice and a cataclysm. And after that.