‘Time traveller’ warns ‘hostile aliens that built the pyramids’ will return soon

A self-professed “time traveller” on TikTok has warned that “the hostile alien race that built the pyramids” will return to Earth and will start the first war after Christmas 2022

A TikTok user who claims to be a “time traveller” has warned that the US government has knowledge about the extraterrestrial origins of the pyramids at Christmas.

The creator, who posted under the username @timevoyaging, has gained more than 351,000 followers by posting outlandish warnings about future events – including the discovery of T-rex eggs and dragons to a worldwide “purge”.

However, in a recent video, the TikToker claimed a hostile alien race, which has apparently visited Earth before, will be coming back very soon.

In the video, which has gained more than 6,000 likes, the creator wrote: “ATTENTION! On December 25, 2022, the US government reveals that the pyramids were built by aliens.

A TikTok “time traveller” has claimed aliens made the pyramids (stock image)

“The Distants are a hostile species of aliens who are trying to ‘command’ the galaxy. They put the pyramids on each planet that they take over, if the planet has other life.

“When they eventually come back to our planet, they will start the First War of Earth.”

They added in the caption: “They are coming…”

TimeVoyaging claims the US government knows the secret and will announce it on Christmas Day 2022

Viewers were left divided by the clips, which claims the conspiracy theory about the origins of the Pyramids being made by aliens would ring true.

Many took to the comments believing the clip, with one user writing: “I’ve been knowing this. not a shock for me.”

Another added: “It’s not gonna be a holly jolly Christmas anymore.”

The alien species will be known as the “Distants”

A third commented: “Britain will be fine got powerful weapons, year 7s and the chavs.”

A fourth wrote: “Man not on Xmas, I want gifts not fear.”

However, others didn’t believe it could be possible and took to the comments to give their opinion.

The TikTok user claims that the aliens are hostile and will start a war with Earth (stock image)

One user said: “The pyramids were made by the people of that region who had extensive knowledge of mathematics and engineering.”

Another argued “I would love to believe this, but logic is pulling me back.”

A third asked: “How do you come up with this stuff?”