Tiny puppy saved by heroic police officer after falling into sewer and getting stuck

The poor pooch had wandered away from his mum and slipped down the hole where he got well and truly trappedA heroic police officer saved a helpless puppy after he wandered away from his mum and fell into a sewer.

The tiny one-month-old pooch has slipped into the tiny hole, that was approximately 45cm hight and 60cm wide, but had been unable to hitch himself back out.

The dog was eventually spotted when villagers in the Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District of Thailand heard him crying.

At first, officers attempted to coax the puppy out of the concrete tunnel by poking sticks through the drainage holes.

Worried: The pup’s mother watches the scene anxiously

Coaxing: Rescuers attempted to give the puppy a push in the right direction using sticks

But when the puppy refused to budge, 54-year-old Yak Srivijaya jumped into the sewer head first and crawled through the passage to rescue the poor pup.

All the while, the puppy’s concerned mother hovered around officers, nervously poking her head into the tunnel as she watched the team’s rescue efforts.

Drastic: After the pup refused to move, a police officer lowered himself into the tunnel

Saved: The puppy seemed to be uninjured after his terrifying ordeal