“Uncovering the Golden Tomb: 300 Coffins Discovered in Latest Giza Expedition”

Foreign [Music] [Music] this is the term we think might originally have been intended for the burial of Tutankhamun archaeologists made several Amazing Discoveries recently from the tomb of a previously undiscovered Queen a falcon Shrine with a weird message and a sizable tunnel beneath the temple these mysteries of Elaine undisturbed in ancient Egypt for thousands of years the slowly and surely we’re learning all about these marvelous Secrets here are a few of the most astounding archaeological finds from ancient Egypt

Number one Queen neath’s tomb uncovered archaeologists in Giza have made a significant Discovery almost one whole Century after the discovery of King Tut’s tomb it is said to rewrite much of what is known about ancient Egyptian royalty the discovery was made at the Sakara archaeological site where hundreds of tombs were Unearthed which may include the closest generals and advisers to King Tut according to zahi owass an archaeologist on the dig a huge Limestone sarcophagus and 300 beautiful coffins from the New Kingdom Period were

Found within the site the coffins have individual and unique faces and are adorned with images of the Book of the Dead the name of the deceased is on each coffin and often depicts the four sons of Horus who are known to protect the organs of the deceased the most exciting Discovery however was a pyramid the archaeologists believe belonged to an ancient Egyptian queen unknown to them until now according to Dr Jose they recently found out about a new Queen named Neath was previously hung known in the historical record it’s incredible to

Be able to add a new Queen to the document and rewrite history Nathan was considered the Egyptian goddess of war as well as the Patronus the city of seis she was an influential figure in Egypt for a lengthy period of time from the pre-dynastic period up to the arrival of the Romans Legends say that she was present during the creation of the world and is also credited as the mother of rather sun god king of deities and father of creation some stories even say she was a mother of Sobek the crocodile God and worshiped as the creator of

Birth in addition Neath served several roles in the afterlife because of her association with war weaving in wisdom although much of the life of the real queen Neath remains a mystery the discovery of her pyramid is expected to provide more insight into her role Dr hawas also thinks the newly discovered burials from the New Kingdom which differs it from previous to discoveries Sakara dating back to the Old Kingdom or the late period he noted that burials from the New Kingdom were not known to be common in the area making this a

Greece’s tunnel of eupolino say 6th Century BCE Aqueduct some part of the taposaurus Magna tunnel are submerged in water and its purpose is yet to be determined Martinez is hopeful that this tunnel could be a breakthrough in her 18-year long search for the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra the seventh previous excavations in the area have given clue suggesting Cleopatra the last of Egypt’s Ptolemy Dynasty could have been buried there the team assumes the temple in taposaurus Magna was once dedicated to the god Osiris and his Queen the Goddess

Isis Isis has a strong association with Cleopatra and coins with the names into images of both Alexander the Great and Cleopatra as well as figurines of Isis have been found in the area it has been reported that the temple holds burial shafts containing Greco-Roman burials It is believed that Cleopatra and Marc Anthony may have been buried in similar tombs if they were there regardless of whether the tombs are found in excavation of the ruins could provide more insight into the ancient city so far the tunnel has uncovered some