“Unearthing Evidence of an Advanced Civilization: A Groundbreaking Discovery Suggests Human History May Stretch Back Over 100,000 Years”

Most people believe that we already hold the answers to the universe in our hands, that we are the smartest beings in the galaxy, and that we’re pretty much just settled in that department, which is why we need to leave Earth already because it’s getting boring.

But, the truth of the matter is that we actually don’t know anything anymore, with every discovery we seem to contradict our previous hypothesis and thus we’re back to square one.

History books are redundant; they won’t detail the truth because they’d rather live in a perfect world than in a dangerous world.

We have discovered more and more proof of ancient advanced civilizations that we have discovered flavors of Coke.

We have Ancient Egypt, Mesoamerica, and Sumer civilizations that all have ancient texts that talk about the same era before time as we know is known as the “Golden Age”. This is the time frame where Gods allegedly walked on Earth.

South Africa also contributed to this theory with its new discovery, 100 miles away from the west of the port of Maputo.

Over here we discovered an ancient 100,000-year-old metropolis that could have had well over a million people living in it.

There are plenty of carvings on every wall and proof that humans did live in here so there’s no way to actually ignore the facts and act like the history books got it all right already because they haven’t.