Unidentified Flying Object Seen in Sweden Performing Mysterious Water Extraction!

February 2017 – Sweden, Tännforsen waterfall. New video showing UFO sucking water out of waterfall.


Ufologists around the globe have suspected that visitors from around the known universe have been visiting Earth because the prominence of water on our planet. Some have speculated that spacecraft visit to “refuel” their vessels.


Other specialists believe that most probably it is taking the water for experimentation purposes, waters on Earth contain lots of organisms etc… They do not think they need “fresh water” to drink or “refuel” their craft, because there was another case in Brazil where a local saw a craft taking water from a lake, but also they were taking some plants and leaves from trees as well, so most probably it is for experiments. That`s what WE would do If we find a living planet, wouldn`t we ?…