“Unraveling the Enigma: 8 of the Most Puzzling and Bizarre Scientific Discoveries That Defy Explanation”

8 great and mysterious works are said to be the giants who built the giant super-giant pyramid of stone with perfect and indistinguishable straight lines.It’s a giant, it’s a boat It’s really hard to digest, you know, and in ancient times, the crane had a width of several meters, writing the host was about as long as the body of an adult.Then there is nothing surprising when classifying the “old days” that existed among the living giants.

Not really, there are many monuments and magnificent architectural works that are said to have been built by giants.and until today, it makes us think that science is hard to deny.So what kind of program is that?Let’s go with the TV Magnifier to find out and discover gay in today’s video guys.First of all, it’s just a matter of giving, dear friends.The images that you are following on the official website are one of the most prominent efforts that are said to be the result of the giants that created the world, which are the cushions in the Great Lakes of the Great Lakes and the Great Pacific Ocean. Glass.This temple was built at least 5 27 BC.

But until now, its great grandeur cannot be diminished with a great deal built on the vast land that is still supported by 3 giant walls.These walls are made of 27 limestone blocks with sizes larger than any limestone blocks that can be found in the world, each stone block contains at least 300 tons of the three special Dai Tam rock formations. That’s more than 800 tons.What is an unbelievable number that must not be counted?While the carrying capacity of blocks of stone in ancient Rome is recorded in ancient records, the maximum is only 300 tons.For example, members of the Roman Catholic Church must move through 3 emperors to be able to reconcile.

So how long does it take them to do that when the stone block is 800 tons?Yes, in order for the little Romans to be able to move the stone block to the exact location of the title.Therefore, based on the documentation of the existence of the giant, some people believe that this stone block was not born from ancient Greek and ancient Roman literature that existed before. It’s been a long time since the owner of the giant was still living in the world and living on earth.Especially with the advantage of a height of 5m and a tree with a few feet of fog, moving 800 Tons of Rock Blocks is not too difficult to dig?And next is the answer to the stone blocks that have caused so many professors and doctors to give up.

Second, the molar rocks on Easter Island, followed by the giant megalithic blocks.It seems that the main objects in this section are locked and depicted more meticulously.It is known that Easter Island is an island located off the west coast of Chile about 3,700 km.With the appearance of the tables called Season Ai Island, it was discovered by the Dutch explorer Admiral Hai Quang Tra Coc Decalva on e772 on the new Easter day called Easter Island.The most prominent and remarkable point here is the hundreds of stone heads and bodies that are lined up along the beautiful long road.

In particular, these statues are made of one hundred percent stone block, that is, carved from a thick rock.Fortunately, the weight layer is built, Lac Alo is up to 10 meters high and 75 tons.A statue was found in an unresolved state, up to 21 meters high and 270 tons high.So how can one move and build with each stone statue up to tens of tons?Thus, according to the theory of the people on Easter Island, when the giants lived on Earth 18 million years ago and they were the owners of the many-meter-high statue on the island.Before, I thought I was about two and a half meters.

Such a day, what age do you need to build a super high stone wall like that.If you don’t want to be crushed to death.And next is the Special White Drawing Characters.As “little people”, we cannot train the secondary skin in Peru’s Nazca High Day painting.

If Japan is proud of its one-of-a-kind rice masterpieces in the world at the Idicate Plateau, in the dry desert of Peru, the wood is majestic with the discovery of 300 drawings of animals such as birds. , then, era, lily, maze, human or geometrical form dating back 1000 years before Date or later and then into the gigantic size that can only be seen by computers. flying like this, we can define as ‘ordinary people’ but we can’t get along.Even modern science and technology can hardly implement this work, let alone a few years ago.

As for people with huge bodies, it’s normal for the owner of the picture to have a very high probability that it’s a giant and next is a giant. no one is not known.Fourth, the Pyramids of Giza.If anyone is a fan of the TV magnifying glass, they will see that this is a dead place.This is really a miracle that is said to be the heart of this giant?Yes, Thursday, the Pyramid is all friends.

It is not only ancient Egypt that has a massive Pyramid with legends with the pharaohs who exchange languages and are very friendly, people also built pyramids full of Buddhas.And we invite you to visit Mexico together to see a great pyramid of Cholala located on the mountain of Cape Copros, Mexico, with a bone length of 450m by 66m and the size of an Olympic swimming pool, 9 times the size of an Olympic swimming pool. 2 times the pyramid of Giza with a 4-fold scale and all with the measurement of the rings on the sheet at the Pyramid of Chawla recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest pyramid in the world, especially according to the Guinness Book of Records. Theories of the local people, the project is built by the giant Vinamilk Zia.This is the owner of the person from the mahogany and boiling on Earth during the rainy period, the Sun is more than 3m high with a weight of about 270kg.

Like other theories around the world about the existence of giants, the Vinamilk people were created by gods until one day when they lost their focus on teachers and morals. , committed innumerable sins to their culmination and was punished by the Gods Punishment by the destruction of the world.In addition, to reveal to you a rather shocking detail when previously the great pyramid of Chawla was a temple of 4.45 million square meters.Specifically, on October 15, 1519, the Spanish teleportation team led by the Republic of Qatar and invaded the muscular city of Kelowa and killed up to 3,000 people in just a few hours.After that, they built a red church on the top of Loi mountain and served as a symbol of the invasion without being aware of the existence of the pyramid below.

It was not until 1910 that “local people” discovered the existence of the Pyramid.Archaeologists have also discovered more than 400 people buried in and out of the Pyramids, including a number of unidentified children’s skulls that were beheaded for Sacrifice, and it was found that swimming was most likely done. Use it to make a place to worship for people when the 5S runs out of the boat and it’s all over A. And next is an equally thrilling and mysterious place.If you are a person who likes to explore archaeological ruins, you certainly cannot miss the giant stone slabs of Pama Pak that are micro-engraved, with angles, smooth surfaces, and carefully preserved wood. The Bolivian Cheoajia is based on recently conducted carbon isotope conversion results on organic materials.

At Maintenance, researchers estimate that this ancient structure was built by ancient people between 300 and 1,000 years ago, before the date of death. The special materials used to make these Stone Slabs are very old, and are found to be Granite and Aris, the hardness is only diamond.If you look closely at the Stone Slab, you can come across some already complex structural blocks that are created by machines or even laser cutting equipment and describe the stone with straight patterns. for example, the subject depth is absolute and is placed snugly into the square.Football makes even the best scientists unable to understand why they can create such accurate works on such a scale.Even other technologies that are currently available are still difficult to implement this type of work.