“Unveiling the Mystery: Ancient Giant’s Face Discovered on a Canadian Cliff”

A random kayaker made the discovery of his life a few years back while he was strolling across a river.

While he was doing his business he stumbled across the legendary face that is carved on the side of the cliff.

He’s known about it before, practically everyone from that place knows about the legends surrounding it but seeing it up close is definitely jarring, to say the least. He reported his finding but it sadly didn’t lead to anything until Hank Gus came along.

Hang Gus of the Tseshaht First Nation did a thorough inspection of the cliff back in 2015. He concluded that it was about 2 meters tall, 12 meters from the bottom of the cliff, and 7 from the top.

He doesn’t know which ancient civilization did this in the first place, but it was definitely one that predates the current Tseshaht.

According to the Parks Canada First Nation’s program manager Matthew Payne, the Tseshaht have been inhabiting this area for thousands of years now so this makes this carving even more ancient than that most likely.

Some believe that this is just a coincidence, a popular case of pareidolia, the natural phenomenon when you see faces in ambiguous images. What do you think though?