Video million likes on social networks: “Owner scolds the puppy, Mother comes to the rescue”

An adorable video of a mother dog saving her puppy from the owner is gaining attention on social media. This clip has been shared on Instagram by an account with the name giosi.inu.

As can be seen in the clip, the puppy has damaged the wire of the electrical equipment. The owner is scolding him and both dogs have a look of distress on their faces. He keeps pointing his fingers at the puppy and then picks up his slippers to hit him.

The mother dog immediately intervenes and stops the owner from doing this with her paw. She then hugs her child. The owner again tries to hit the puppy but the mother dog protects him. The video was shared 7 days back and its caption roughly translates to, “How they feel.” Take a look at the video:

The clip has garnered around 8.6 million likes on Instagram and received a lot of reactions from social media users. Some were left horrified to see this heartless act from the owner and others got emotional seeing the act of the mother dog. A user commented that this behaviour is bad on the owner’s part and they should be ready to face these things if they have adopted a pet.

Another commented that if animals could talk, the stories they would narrate would make the whole world cry for eternity. A user also wrote that there can be other ways to discipline a pet but slippers should not be used.

A similar clip of a mother giraffe protecting her baby from a lioness had gone viral on February 4. It was shared on Instagram by the handle animal.worlds11 and showed a lioness running towards a baby giraffe with speed and then pouncing on the animal to eat him.

The baby giraffe was weak in strength compared to the lioness, and couldn’t fight back. He also failed to escape from the attack and gave up. Some of the social media users were terrified and thought that the lioness would eat the animal. But the tables turned as the mother giraffe arrived in time to save the baby. The lioness was terrified and ran away.