Woman Saves Her Dog From The Crushing Jaws Of A 9-foot Python

Protecting a loved one requires no thought. It’s pure instinct. One cold morning in a quiet park, Stacy Tucker would find out just all too well what her instincts would lead her to do.

Stacy had recently moved to Hong Kong for business. She loved the culture, the people and the amazing scenery. But what she loved most was sharing it all with the love of her life…her dog, Pippa. For the past 8 years, Stacy and Pippa had travelled the world, sharing all sorts of amazing experiences. But little did Stacy know was that Hong Kong might prove to be their last.

While on a walk through the park with Pippa, Stacy was enjoying another beautiful morning when she noticed Pippa was not by walking by her side. When she turned, horror gripped her entire body. She stood, frozen, watching as her lifelong companion was being engulfed by a 9-foot scaly serpent. An indigenous python was wrapping its muscly length around Stacy’s dog until little Pippa was hardly visible.

Stacy tried to pull Pippa from the snakes deadly clutch, but she was no match for the mighty snake. Stacy began to scream for help. Her life with little Pippa began to flash before her eyes, and then worse, her life without Pippa. She screamed louder. Fortunately, her call was answered by Colin Dyson, a friend of Stacy’s, who was also walking his dog. Colin thought quickly and drove a large rock between the jaws of the snake.

The snake hissed and struck him. He was undeterred. In horror, Stacy looked into the eyes of her dog. She could see the pain and agony as Pippa’s life slowly slipped away. Even more frightening, she could see the dog’s eyes filling with blood, a result of the snake’s crushing force. Overcome with rage, Stacy began to rip and pull at the snake. This time she was successful. The snake attempted to fight back, striking both Stacy and Colin, but it was no match for the determined duo. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the snake surrendered, releasing Pippa from its death grip.

Bruised and battered, the triumphant trio sat in shock as the magnitude of what had just occurred raced through their minds. Pippa would eventually make a full recovery with only a few puncture wounds. Stacy, too, also made it through this tale of terror with just a few scrapes and bruises, but the memory of the day she almost lost her little Pippa would stay with her forever.

Dogs are more than just pets. They are part of the family. So when faced with a life-threatening situation, the instinct to protect your loved one kicks in and you spring into action. Share this tale of courage and love with others, so they it may inspire them. One day, it might just save a life.