“Yellowstone Bison Showcase Incredible Strength by Lifting 1,000 Pounds with Ease During Intense Battle”


Time and time again we see tourist walking right up to a full-grown bison and all we can do is cringe and wait to see what happens.

Videos continue to pop up of people paying the price of getting close to these beasts, whether it’s a biker getting their pants ripped off, a tourist nearly getting run over, or someone’s car actually getting run over by a bison.

There just doesn’t seem to be an end to the madness…

But those loses are our rewards in the form of cheap entertainment… so I’m not complaining.

However, a video like this shows just why we stay the hell away from any bison, regardless of the size or situation. You’re a tourist, not an expert or even a good photographer. It is better to be safe than sorry.

The video is a short one the point is made clear in that time.

A typical day at Yellowstone National Park with a whole herd of bison blocking the road. This fella is smart and stayed in the comfort of his vehicle and videotaped it from afar.

Amongst the group of bison, two of them seem to be having ‘er out. One of them takes off running, as the other says ‘oh shit’ and takes a few steps back. Too late…

The charging bison puts its head down and literally makes another mature bison fly.

We’re talking about an animal that weighs well over 1,000 pounds, easily lifting another 1,500 pound beast up off the ground… what do you think it’ll do to you?

Please don’t get close to one, it will send you to the moon.

Check it out.